Our History

The Kgalagadi Relief Trust was formed in February 2006 and became fully operational from 1 June 2006. This was when Becon, the company dealing with Asbestos-Related issues on behalf of the former Swiss Eternit Group, agreed to establish a fund to provide financial relief to individuals who contracted an asbestos-related disease, while employed at the Kuruman Cape Blue (KCBA) and Danielskuil Cape Blue (DCBA) asbestos mines between the period 1952 and 1981.

The Kgalagadi Relief Trust (KRT) is mandated to provide financial relief over the next 20 years in strict accordance with the court-approved Deed of Trust. The KRT is administered by the Asbestos Relief Trust (ART), which was established in 2003 to provide financial relief to the former employees of asbestos mines operated by African Chrysotile Asbestos and the Griqualand Exploration and Finance Company.

This administrative arrangement avoids unnecessary duplication of costs and improves operational efficiency, as some claimants may qualify to claim from both Trusts. All Asbestos Relief Trust offices are able to process claims on behalf of the Kgalagadi Relief Trust.

Our Gallery

Lesotho Outreach

The Kgalagadi Relief Trust launched an extensive claimant outreach programme in neighbouring states to enable miners who were recruited to work on the asbestos mines from these labour-sending countries to lodge claims with the Trust. In Lesotho the Trust introduced a mobile medical screening facility that enabled persons in very rural areas to undergo the necessary medical examinations for the claims process.

Supedi Maths Programme

The Kgalagadi Relief Trust sponsored the Supedi Maths Programme in several former disadvantaged schools within former asbestos mining communities in the Northern Cape. The Supedi programme aims to up-skill educators in teaching maths to learners through the use of manipulatives, which are specially designed tools/materials used by learners that aid the learning process. This was a social responsibility initiative aimed at improving the lives of people from former asbestos mining communities.

Oxygen Concentrators

The Lungenliga Zurich donated several oxygen concentrators to the Kgalagadi Relief Trust. These machines are used in oxygen therapy for cancer sufferers who experience severe breathlessness. Use of the machines relieves patients’ shortness of breath and improves their quality of life. The oxygen concentrators are used for home-based care and form part of the support provided by the Trust-funded palliative care programme in Kuruman, Northern Cape.