About Kgalagadi Relief Trust

The Kgalagadi Relief Trust aims to be as accessible as possible to potential claimants. This website provides a comprehensive overview of the claims criteria and process; offers relevant financial and legal information about the Trust and acts as a resource for information related to broader asbestos disease-related issues.

Since inception, the KRT has paid some R80,6 million to 1255 claimants. Some claimants who were diagnosed with asbestosis have since developed asbestos-related cancer and have successfully lodged the second claim. On a quarterly basis, the Trust provides updated statistical information on claims paid.

Qualifying claimants undergo a free medical screening for signs of compensable asbestos-related disease. The results are reviewed by an independent and specialist panel of occupational medicine experts. Claimants who have contracted a compensable asbestos-related disease receive an award. This award depends on the severity of the asbestos-related disease.

The trustees make every effort to settle claims within three months of the claim being lodged.